Do you find yourself repeatedly resorting to threats or bribes in failed attempts to get your kid(s) to cooperate?
Are you frustrated and exhausted by power struggles? Do you blow up when your buttons get pushed?
Are you yo-yoing back and forth between too soft and too harsh?

Would you like support in doing it differently?

Join me and other parents working through similar challenges from the convenience of your own home for:

From Parenting Struggles to Powerful Solutions: An intimate online group coaching program for parents striving for connection and collaboration with kind, capable kids.

Over 12 weeks, I will work directly with you as part of a small group of parents to proactively and sustainably resolve your biggest parenting struggles. This is not a cookie cutter course! We will be working together on each family’s unique challenges so that we can ditch the frustration and the power struggles, and create more patience, more connection, and more peace in our families, with the confidence that we are raising kind, capable problem solvers.

This program is for you if:

  • You get frustrated by your child(ren)’s challenging behaviors, and want to solve problems in a way that is both effective and mutually respectful.
  • You have been trying to use positive parenting strategies, but it doesn’t really seem to be working.
  • You are frustrated with your own reactions to your kids’ behavior, and want to stop fueling the fire.
  • You want to get on the same page with your parenting partner.
  • You want ongoing support, guidance, and community on your parenting adventure, without having to leave your house or find a sitter.


This program is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for easy fixes, quick tips, tricks, or hacks to get your kids to do what you want.
  • You’re happy with a system of rewards and consequences and don’t want to try something new or different.
  • You think the problem lies entirely with your child.
  • You’re not comfortable sharing your parenting experiences and contributing to others in a group setting.


What the program includes:

Twelve 90-minute live, interactive weekly coaching sessions via Zoom (during each session one parent will have the opportunity to be the focus of the Parents Helping Parents Problem Solving Steps activity). Sessions will be held at 10am PST on Wednesdays from February 26 through May 13, 2020 (A bonus session will be held on February 19 for those who register by that date). These sessions will be recorded for access by all participants.

Voxer Support so you can reach out by chat or voice when you need support in between sessions (I will respond to all Voxer messages within 24 hours).

Private Facebook group for additional information, support, and relationship building.

Pilot Program Pricing: $747 per family (payment in full includes a BONUS one-hour 1:1 private coaching session!)

This program is limited to no more than twelve participants. Register now to save your spot!

Pay in full now and receive a BONUS one-hour private coaching session!

Pay $249 now, and two additional payments of $249 at four weeks and eight weeks.