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Power Struggles Workshop

This workshop has been postponed. Please join my free Facebook group for resources, support, and announcements about upcoming workshops and events!

Why you will lose a power struggle with your child – every time!

How you’re inviting your child to power struggles without even realizing it

Why you actually want to your child to have their own power

What you really teach when you parent from a place of control

The simple key to cooperation – without threats or bribes!

Thank you so much for your class. It was so helpful and opened my mind in a major way… I don’t know that I ever learned anything more helpful in my life! Thanks for getting the ball rolling for me!

Amy W.

Class Participant

Erin has been a massive help in our journey to become the best parents we can be. Her ability to hear an issue, and articulate how best we can empathize with our littles to work through unhealthy/difficult habits has given us many useful tools. Often this means letting the kids help with the solutions! We are very grateful for Erin’s support.


Private Coaching Client

I absolutely loved group parent coaching with Erin. I felt heard, connected and given useful advice on my parenting difficulties. My connection with my kid is all the better for it.

Bonnie D.

Program Participant

Erin Miller impressed me with her grasp of Positive Discipline. Her teaching is soundly based in the principles of kind and firm parenting. She has studied extensively, and her classroom technique is engaging and interactive, which is essential for this sort of work.

Marsha Calhoun

Parent Educator

Like many, I came into parenthood with no skills or knowledge. I read the books and tried to understand but I cannot express how important it is to have someone who is knowledgeable about the skills needed to raise a good and aware citizen. Erin is engaging, wise, and accessible. This is the exact sort of thing that comes to mind in a modern time when I think about it taking a village to raise a child. Thank you Erin.

Josh D.

Program Participant

I attended a 12 week parenting workshop with Erin and highly recommend her program. She opened my eyes to a new way of communicating with my kids!

Jamie F.

Program Participant

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