Say Yes to the No: Why it’s Important for Kids to be Able to Say No

For many parents, the word “no” seems to be on a list of things their children aren’t allowed to say. Saying no to a parent or other authority figure might be labeled backtalk, disrespect, or defiance. But saying no is a powerful tool and a necessary life skill, and we should help our kids get really good at it.

Check Your Childism {Kids Belong Out in the World}

Like racism, sexism, or ablism, childism is a prejudice against a marginalized group – in this case, children. It shows up in many ways, but one of the most prominent is our tendency to separate children from the rest of society.

I Hid My Phone from My Kids for a Week {Here’s What Happened}

Nothing makes a parent feel guiltier than reading articles with accusatory titles such as Kids Feel Unimportant to Cell Phone Addicted Parents, 12 Ways to Ensure Your Kid is More Important Than Your Phone, or Get Your Face Out of Your Phone, You’re a Horrible Mother (OK, I made up that last one).